Necessary Ends

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Tai Randolph is no stranger to solving mysteries. With a taste for danger and a talent for amateur sleuthing, she has helped put an assortment of murderers behind bars, much to the displeasure of her lover, Trey Seaver. A former SWAT officer with the Atlanta police department, Trey believes in letting the authorities handle complex matters of crime and punishment.

But then the Talbot case flares back to life.

It was the crime that rocked Atlanta—actress Jessica Talbot shot dead in her Buckhead mansion and her husband, movie producer Nick Talbot, accused of the murder. It seemed an open and shut case…until a dirty cop’s secret forced prosecutors to set Talbot free. Now, four years later, someone wants him dead, and the evidence points to the man most convinced of Talbot’s guilt—Trey.

Talbot offers an irresistible deal—he’ll keep Trey’s name off the suspect list if Trey agrees to a one-on-one interview. It’s a chance for Trey to determine once and for all if Talbot really is a killer, but it could also expose secrets in Trey’s own past, confidential information he has sworn to protect. Caught between his drive for justice and his need for security, Trey does the unexpected—he asks Tai to help him investigate.

It’s a situation fraught with drama and potential disaster, the kind of case Tai relishes. With Trey by her side—and in a killer’s crosshairs—she vows to use every trick in her slightly sketchy playbook to stop a vigilante murderer from claiming a fresh victim.

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“In Whittle’s skillfully plotted sixth mystery…a fine cast of believable—if eccentric—characters includes conniving actresses, jilted lovers, pushy financial backers, and stalker-fans, each with his or her own weighty agenda. Tai and Trey, with all their strengths and foibles, make a top-notch team. Readers will look forward to their further adventures.” Publisher’s Weekly

“Tina Whittle masterfully mixes all the usual ingredients–intrigue, secrets, conflict, clues, and heroics–and comes up with a totally new and delicious dish with Necessary Ends! This is reading to be lingered over and savored!” — Richard Helms, Derringer and Thriller Award winning author of Older Than Goodbye

“The sixth titleis the dramatic culmination of this series’ primary story arc with the two damaged protagonists, after struggling with family and personal demons, finding answers and moving on with their lives. While the mystery is filled with complex characters, it’s the uncertainty, pain, and awkwardness of the two leads that drives this intense story. VERDICT : Karin Slaughter readers may enjoy this work, but it will be most appreciated by followers of this character-driven series.” — Lesa Holstine for Library Journal and for Lesa’s Book Critiques

“This continues to be an extraordinarily original, witty, and exceptionally written mystery series, and hopefully it will continue for years to come. Characters come alive in this fun and exuberant mystery, with the plot skillfully paced and building towards an unpredictable but rewarding conclusion. The novels in this series are always fun, yet they never make light of the struggles facing these undeniably damaged characters. Tai and Trey are sure to be facing considerable challenges in their near future, but when together there seems to be nothing that they cannot overcome.” — Cynthia Chow for King’s River Life

“There is something about the narrative of this intoxicating tale that pulled me in like no other. The writing style, the tone, the dialogue, the setting, the suspense, all wrapped up in an exhilarating package …The author did a great job in staging this story to keep me reading and absorbing all that I was privy to as the field of suspects and the role they played all culminated in a finale that boasted several twists and turns that greatly enhanced my reading pleasure. This is the best book in the series and I hope there are more adventures with this dynamic duo.” — Dru Ann Love for Dru’s Book Musings

“Necessary Ends is a character-driven Southern crime mystery with a tight plot and the perfect blend of ingredients: lies, lust, betrayal, humor, secrets, romance, revenge, and a gun or two. A recipe the South wouldn’t be—couldn’t be the South without. It’s what keeps us Whittle fans coming back for more.” — Cora Lockheart for A Southern Gothic Love Story