Other Writing

Some of my favorite pieces of writing never make it into a book, so I’ve collected them here. Some are full-length stories; others are snippets and scenes.  Some are mysteries, and others are simply slices of Tai and Trey’s life. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

“Liquor, Larceny, and the Ordinal Classification of Courtship Rituals”

After a week of murder and mayhem, Tai is eager to enjoy an actual, honest-to-goodness, sit-down dinner date with the new man in her life, ex-SWAT cop Trey. Their very first date, in her estimation. Trey disagrees—surely by this point in their relationship they’ve already had a date—but before Tai can summon a rebuttal, she realizes that something’s going down in their quietly upscale surroundings, something nefarious, and she and Trey are right in the thick of it. Can they discover the bad guys before the bad guys discover them? And most importantly, can they manage to have a romantic evening that doesn’t involve bloodshed or gunplay?   99¢ on Amazon Kindle.

“Trouble Like A Freight Train Coming”

Tai Randolph is accustomed to murder and mayhem . . . but only of the fictional variety. As a tour guide in Savannah, Georgia, she’s learned the tips are better when she seasons her stories with a little blood here, a little depravity there. But when she gets the news that her trouble-making cousin has keeled over while running a marathon, Tai finds herself in a hot mess of treachery and dirty dealings. Worst of all, the clues lead her straight into the moonshine-soaked territory of the most infamous smuggler in Chatham County—her Uncle Boone.

The novella is set in Savannah several years prior to the inheritance of her Atlanta gun shop and her first encounter with security agent Trey Seaver, who ultimately becomes her partner in both romance and crime solving. For readers familiar with the rest of Tai’s adventures, this story is a chance to watch her develop her sleuthing chops. For those meeting Tai for the first time…welcome to her slightly reckless, somewhat hungover, not-quite-respectable world. $1.99 on Amazon Kindle.

“The Seventh Rule of Swimming”

I am lucky enough to have two protagonists in my crime fiction series—my narrator, Tai Randolph, and her partner in both romance and crime solving, former SWAT cop Trey Seaver.

Because I write in the first person point of view, I spend a lot of time in Tai’s head’s, but “The Seventh Rule of Swimming” is the first time I’ve tried to write in Trey’s POV. I hope you enjoy this side trip into Trey’s world, which takes place after Blood Ash and Bone.  99¢ on Amazon Kindle

“Small Favors”

It was a simple off-the-books assignment, a favor really—discover who is threatening erotic novelist Midnight LaRue, preferably before her keynote speech at the Romance Writers of the USA convention. It should have been an open and shut case for corporate security agent Trey Seaver…but then the pirate with the parrot tattoo showed up. Luckily for Trey, he has Tai Randolph, his partner in both romance and crime solving, to share the investigation. It’s a tangled tale of secrets and swindles, deception and seduction, double Windsor knots and bright red handcuffs. Because unless Tai and Trey can sleuth out a determined stalker, it could be “The End” for both of them. This story takes place between Deeper Than the Grave and Reckoning and Ruin 99¢ on Amazon Kindle .

“Not Even Past”

A lush Victorian B&B, chilled champagne for two, and a top-of-the-line metal detector—Tai Randolph is ready for Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, Trey Seaver—her sexy if somewhat challenging boyfriend—is not cooperating. He rightly suspects that Tai’s got more than romance on her mind, and he’s determined to uncover her agenda before setting one foot in the bedroom. Tai has one night to convince him that hearts and flowers and sleuthing really do mix, even in a mysterious inn filled with history and stories and maybe even lost Confederate gold. This story takes place after Deeper Than the Grave and before Reckoning and Ruin99¢ on Amazon Kindle .

“Zero to Sixty”

In this, the epilogue to Reckoning and Ruin, Tai finally gets her hands on Trey’s Ferrari. And it’s just as zoom-zoom as you might imagine.

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