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Coming This October

Many thanks to everyone who read, reviewed, and/or recommended Necessary Ends (Tai and Trey thank you too). But the story isn’t over! In October, I’ll be releasing the novella “Creature Comforts,” the epilogue to Necessary Ends.

It will be available on Kindle for 99¢ , but newsletter subscribers will get clued in on the ONE DAY that it will be FREE. If you’d like to get in the know, subscribe today by clicking here.

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It was a simple bet…

…one Trey knew he couldn’t lose. After all, Tai had other things on her mind, criminal things; surely she wouldn’t devote that much energy into discovering one embarrassing secret from his past.

He should have known better.

“Creature Comforts” is an epilogue to Necessary Ends, the sixth book in the Tai Randolph/ Trey Seaver series. Many of the events mentioned offhand throughout will be familiar only to those who have read that particular work. But it’s also a prologue of sorts, with Tai sorting out her feelings about a decision that she’s barely spoken into reality. As such, it sets the stage for the next book in their adventures, which I am hard at work upon.

In the meantime, please enjoy an idyll at Cumberland Island’s Greyfield Inn, where wild horses freely roam, salt breezes scent the air . . . and a devious criminal plot is underway.

Guess Who’s a Derringer Finalist?

It’s me! My novella “Trouble Like A Freight Train Coming” is a finalist for a Derringer Award for Best Novelette (which the Short Mystery Fiction Society describes as a work between 8001 and 20,000 words). “Trouble” is one of four stories in the anthology Lowcountry Crime: Four Novellas published by Wolf’s Echo Press.

“Trouble” is a prequel to my Tai Randolph Mysteries (the sixth of which, Necessary Ends, is out now from Poisoned Pen Press). Tai is accustomed to murder and mayhem . . . of the fictional variety. As a tour guide in Savannah, Georgia, she’s learned the tips are better when she seasons her stories with a little blood here, a little depravity there. She’s less experienced in real life criminality, however, preferring to spend her days sleeping late and her nights hitting the bars. But when she gets the news that her trouble-making cousin has keeled over while running a marathon, Tai finds herself in a hot mess of treachery and dirty dealings. Worst of all, the clues lead her straight into the moonshine-soaked territory of the most infamous smuggler in Chatham County—her Uncle Boone.

The novella is set in Savannah several years prior to the inheritance of her Atlanta gun shop and her first encounter with security agent Trey Seaver, who ultimately becomes her partner in both romance and crime solving. For readers familiar with the rest of Tai’s adventures, this story is a chance to watch her develop her sleuthing chops. For those meeting Tai for the first time…welcome to her slightly reckless, somewhat hungover, not-quite-respectable world.

“Trouble Like a Freight Train Coming” is available on all the usual platforms, including Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, Kobo, iBooks, and Scribd; you can find all the links at the Wolf’s Echo Press website.

Necessary Ends Available Now!

Necessary Ends, the sixth in the Tai Randolph/Trey Seaver series from Poisoned Pen Press, is now available at a bookstore near you! I really enjoyed writing this one, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

In Necessary Ends, Tai must put her personal troubles on the back burner to help Trey solve a brutal crime from his past. Four years previous, when Trey was still an Atlanta patrol officer, movie producer Nick Talbot was charged with the murder of his actress wife, only to be set free after a dirty cop tainted the evidence. Now someone wants Nick dead, and he’s convinced it’s Trey. Tai must use every trick in her not-quite-aboveboard playbook to unravel the mystery before a vigilante killer strikes again.

This is a pivotal book in the series, one that takes Tai into a brand new chapter of her life, and I hope you’ll join me—and her—for the ride. Also…

I’m looking forward to sharing this next installment of Tai and Trey’s adventures with you. Thanks so much for being a part of their world, and mine.

Reckoning and Ruin On Sale NOW!

We’re celebrating the release of Necessary Ends by putting the 5th in the series,   Reckoning and Ruin,  on sale!

You can get your print copy for only $9.99 through Poisoned Pen Press or Amazon!  Or or if you prefer e-books, it’s only $5.38 on Kindle, Kobo, Google Play and iTunes.

You can read the first chapter here. And if you’ve already finished the book, you can find the epilogue here (no spoilers, but there’s a little zoom-zoom!).

For more information about Reckoning and Ruin—including reviews and the back-of-book teaser—click on the Books tab above.

A review snippet to whet your appetite, from Philip K. Jason at the utterly fine Southern Literary Review: “This is a fine murder mystery that does all the things it should do, opening special windows on character, behavior, legal issues, and investigative procedure in ways that distinguish it from others in the genre. For all that, the reader’s journey inside of the relationship between Tai and Trey, so fraught with the possibility of disaster, so filled with longing, is the solder that binds the pieces together and also the novel’s beating heart.”

Liquor and Larceny Available Now!

Now available for Kindle, the Tai & Trey short story, “Liquor, Larceny, and the Ordinal Classification of Courtship Rituals.” You can get it now on Amazon Kindle for 99 cents!

It’s the story of Tai’s first date with Trey, although exactly what constitutes a first date is a point of contention. It takes place right after The Dangerous Edge of Things, the first book in the Tai Randolph series from Poisoned Pen Press.

After a week of murder and mayhem, Tai is eager to enjoy an actual, honest-to-goodness, sit-down dinner date with the new man in her life, ex-SWAT cop Trey. Their very first date, in her estimation. Trey disagrees—surely by this point in their relationship they’ve already had a date—but before Tai can summon a rebuttal, she realizes that something’s going down in their quietly upscale surroundings, something nefarious, and she and Trey are right in the thick of it. Can they discover the bad guys before the bad guys discover them? And most importantly, can they manage to have a romantic evening that doesn’t involve bloodshed or gun play?

I hope you like reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Look for more liquor-themed promotions coming up as we celebrate the release day for Necessary Ends.

Threats. Stalkers. Sexy Pirates!


It was a simple off-the-books assignment, a favor really—discover who is threatening erotic novelist Midnight LaRue, preferably before her keynote speech at the Romance Writers of the USA convention. It should have been an open and shut case for corporate security agent Trey Seaver…but then the pirate with the parrot tattoo showed up. And the media-hungry protesters. And the throngs of overly enthusiastic fans eager to get their hands on the closest cover model. It’s enough to discombobulate even the most disciplined ex-SWAT security professional, especially one who bears a striking resemblance to the hero of Ms. LaRue’s lascivious bestseller, Crimson Sin.

Luckily for Trey, he has Tai Randolph, his partner in both romance and crime solving, to share the investigation. Many many people have reason to hate Ms. LaRue, but Tai suspects that the key to solving this mystery lies between the covers of Crimson Sin…or perhaps between other, more scandalous, covers. It’s a tangled tale of secrets and swindles, deception and seduction, double Windsor knots and bright red handcuffs. Because unless Tai and Trey can sleuth out a determined stalker, it could be “The End” for both of them.

Available on Kindle for 99 cents!

Got Ink?

Want to be tattooed like Tai without the, you know, pain and permanency? Post a pic of Reckoning and Ruin in the wild (in your hand/in the bookstore shelf/at the library) and I’ll send you three faux tattoos just like Tai’s. You have to find your own Trey. Details HERE.

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